Train with Jennifer Ricupero, AFAA Certified Fitness Professional, who has been making people happier & healthier for 13 years!

My Story

2001-2004: Fitness Supervisor at SUNY Brockport while going to college for Recreation and Leisure Management and Business Administration, as well as playing lacrosse, rugby, and teaching the ROTC early morning Physical Training sessions and off-ice training for the hockey team.

2004: Recreation and Fitness Manager at Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, FL, working with corporate retreats to create fun and fit activities that motivate and create team-building. I also developed a golf and tennis conditioning with flexibility program for players from around the world.

2005-2007: Graduate Assistant for Group Exercise at Boston University while obtaining my Masters of Education. I taught a credit course to students interested in learning what it takes to be a great fitness instructor with the proper knowledge and personality.

2007-2010: Fitness and Recreation Director at Green Mountain at Fox Run, a womens wellness retreat in Ludlow, VT. I taught women the basics of fitness both inside and outside of a classroom or fitness studio. This included hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing treks, as well as kickboxing, water aerobics, Zumba, step, basic strength training, stretching, yoga and pilates classes. You name it, I taught it here so that every woman who came to the facility walked away with the opportunity to fall in love with something they might not have tried on their own.

2010-2013: Athletic Facility Director at Fort Orange Club in Albany, NY. Here I was given the task to take a newly built athletic facility and get the members of the club to try it out. From November 2010 to November 2012, I increased the programming and services offered, and increased monthly attendance by 500%.

May 2013-Present: In the hopes of pursuing my dream to educate and help as many people as possible, I opened RAW Fitness, where I continue to create an environment of respect and trust that welcomes both beginner and advanced exercisers to take a second look at fitness and find what can make it something they love to do rather than have to do.

Why does my work stand out from other trainers and fitness professionals?

I want my clients to value and think of fitness the same way as they do recreation. Therefore, my methods of training include many forms of exercise that can include hiking, pilates, yoga, TRX, boxing, snowshoeing, and many more. Being creative with the body is what helps many of my clients succeed, especially if they have an injury or ache that prevents them from doing the standard exercises. Having fun while getting fit makes the time go by quickly and effectively while increasing your desire to continue your path to wellness!

I have many clients who come to me with a desire to lose weight, but many of them also have had or have injuries or ailments that keep them from doing this. From hips, shoulders, neck, lower back, knees, and feet-I have trained every type of issue and know how to make the exercises work for you that day. Having years of experience with a wide range of ages and ability levels has allowed me to learn and be able to educate properly rather than just "train" my clients.